shameless eavesdropping.

So.  After an uber-busy day at work I find myself  in a state of immediate de-stress as I am ensconced in front of an actual real fire (not one of those fake gas ones that trick me into thinking they’re real and make me feel all stupid) in the Brokenback Bar at Tuscany Wine Estate, with a delightful glass of shiraz, calmly engaged in some people watching.  Continue reading


I’ve long been a fan of Margaret and David At The Movies, and even though I don’t always agree with their reviews I still rate their opinions.  I sometimes think that being a movie reviewer would be such a great job – I mean you would get paid to watch movies and tell people what you think of them.  Continue reading

yes, it’s a house on his head

Under normal circumstances I would normally be in bed at this hour, if not asleep then at least trying to be – especially on a school night.  But, tonight was Mark’s gig at Lizotte’s, madness prevails and I am still blogging away into the wee hours.  I just really wanted to get this out there though – while it was still fresh in my mind and I was in the moment. Continue reading

and they lived happily ever after

You’ll have noticed that I’m playing catch-up with my blogging adventures tonight, mainly because I was away the last couple of days and just didn’t have the chance to jump online. Also, because I was having major blogging-withdrawal symptoms.

This is a pretty special post though because tomorrow night I will be in Sydney with my dear friends Julie and Jamie, celebrating 10 years since they said ‘I do’. Continue reading