first dog on the moon

So.  One of the small things that makes the monotony of  the working day slightly more bearable is the appearance in my inbox each day of the Crikey Daily Mail. It’s full to the brim of all sorts of newsworthy items, usually with a distinctly cynical slant which I totally love.  Continue reading

inspirational goodness required.

I love love love reading about the things that inspire other people.  Especially foodie people.  This little snippet in the Maitland Mercury caught my eye the other day as I was going through the papers, mainly because it included one of my favourite chefs of all time – the delightful Maggie Beer.  Seriously, what’s not to love about her?  Continue reading

jar love.

One of my sisters came to visit on the weekend, and presented me with this:

labna - made by the amazing mikyla

I was very excited, because yes, it is in fact my very first returning jar in jar club – full of the most delicious home-made labna ever!  It had the prettiest little floral lid cover thingy, it looks so lovely in my fridge!  Did I mention that it was the yummiest labna I’ve ever had?  Well it was.  If I wasn’t sure that it would make me crook I would have eaten the whole jar in one sitting.  Seriously.

aussie farmer. i like.

I’ve recently discovered the delights of having my groceries home delivered.  I realise this is not a new thing and it’s not because I suddenly don’t have legs anymore, but I’ve just always been one of those people that secretly liked doing my grocery shopping Continue reading

rihanna’s going to be a mother.

So it turns out that we have a clucky chicken.  Already.  Who even knew that chooks go from barely being able to lay an egg to thinking that they’re ready to be a parent so quickly?  Anyway, I’d noticed lately that Rihanna had set up permanent camp in the nesting boxes and was not at all keen on hanging out with the other girls, so something was definitely amiss.  Continue reading

garlic + lemon + chicken = awesome

So I’m coping ok with not being able to eat any of my favourite things.  And, dare I even say it – after the first few days of withdrawal hell, I’m finding that it’s actually getting easier every day. 

But.  I must admit that the prospect of a weekend in Sydney was slightly alarming – how boring is it to not be able to eat anything fun? Or even have a glass of wine?  Or five. Continue reading

its pretty bad news for a foodie

So.  It’s pretty upsetting to be told by one’s health practitioner that you need to completely cut sugar out of your diet.  Ha! I thought to myself, I don’t even eat that much sugar – easily done.  The realisation that the not eating sugar thing also includes any food that turns into sugar when you’ve eaten it, has natural sugar in it, or is friends with sugar in any way, shape or form was quite devastating.   I guess this would be sad news for anyone, but for a foodie such as myself it felt like the equivalent of the kiss of death.  Continue reading


This morning when I was going through the post at work, nestled in amongst all the really boring stuff was a mysterious package addressed to me personally.  What could it be?  Usually work stuff is addressed to my boss, and I wasn’t expecting any eBay or Etsy purchases to arrive.  Excited unwrapping revealed that it was from my gorgeous friend Raquel, who had sent me one of her beautiful watercolours that I’d admired on Facebook recently.  Is there anything more likely to brighten your day than a completely unexpected gift?  I think not. 

This is what she sent me – feast your eyes and be completely jealous of me, because seriously it’s so lovely I can’t even tell you!  How talented is she?  It came in a cool Typo* gift bag, and did I mention the handmade card?  Ridiculously gorgeous.  This will be taking pride of place at my casa before this day is out, guaranteed.


* I totally love the Typo store, I could spend hours in there just swooning over all the stationery.  Nerd? GAC**.

**Awesome Cougar Town reference.

the gorgeous raquel