in a minute #3

So.  Welcome to my life in a minute #3 – an idea that I shamelessly stole from Lizzie @ tablecloths and talking).  I’m going to try and do one of these each month, but whether or not I actually manage to do that remains to be seen…

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baby business.

So.  It seems to be the season for being pregnant or having babies.  Although, I guess there is a distinct possibility that I’m uber-aware of bellies and babies now that I’m working back in the IVF industry.  Or, there just really is something in the water.   Continue reading

chicken lady.

So.  You may recall that last year we had a very clucky chicken and for some unknown reason I decided that it would be fun to get some fertilised eggs for her to sit on and grow some baby chicks.   Little Rhianna turned out to be a very diligent mother and she sat on those eggs for the next few weeks like it was her sole mission in life.  Continue reading