apparently cricket is like cheese.

So.  I’ve been thinking about my poor neglected blog lately.  Every now and then I get asked why I don’t write anymore, which to me feels like a hard question but I guess it’s not really – I just don’t enjoy verbalizing exactly how lazy I am.  In my defence, writing does take time and I don’t seem to have much of that anymore – unlike a couple of years ago when I was a government drone and used to write when I was bored at work.  Oops, did I say that out loud?  Anyway, being busy isn’t even much of an excuse for blog laziness because even though I feel like I’m always flat-out doing something if you were to ask me what it was I would actually have trouble putting together a meaningful answer.  That’s just lame isn’t it?

Anyways.  I thought I would bust out a blog post and share with you guys a new experience that I recently had.  Drum roll please, because a couple of weeks ago I, the actual least sporty person in the world, watched Test cricket.  And I didn’t hate it.  Seriously, up to this point in my life I would rather have watched paint dry than subject myself to the colossal waste of time and unbelievable boredom that is cricket.

Admittedly, the watching of the cricket didn’t actually happen on purpose.  Raj*, a friend of mine who is really into it was going to the pub to watch the first Ashes game and I basically inflicted myself upon him because I wanted a drink and I hate to drink alone.  After a while I got sick of sitting there with my wine and trying to decipher the dart scoreboard so I thought I may as well just watch the game and be damned.  Unsurprisingly, I found it wildly confusing and I’m pretty sure that I annoyed the hell out of him with all the questions I was asking about what the numbers on the bottom of the screen meant.  But, he managed to contain his impatience with me and very kindly explained to me what it all meant.

And then he told me the best story about how cricket is like cheese.  I know, I couldn’t believe such an analogy could exist either – but once he explained it to me it actually made sense.

I can’t really explain it as well as he did but I’ll have a red-hot go.  So, in the whole comparing cricket to cheese thing, apparently Test matches are like the stinkiest, most vintage, aged blue cheese you can get.  Which is reasonable if only for the fact that Test matches seem to go on for a really long time.  But also because it seems that you need something of a refined palate to appreciate the subtle nuances and robust strategies of Test cricket.  I clearly don’t know anything about that, but I do know about cheese, and when it was explained to me like this I actually got it** …. blue cheese is definitely an acquired taste but when you get a taste for it and learn to love the intricacies of a really stinky Stilton you’ll truly never go back.  Apparently it’s the same with Test cricket.  And I will admit that once Raj had explained to me what all the numbers on the bottom of the screen meant, and told me why the batting guys and the bowling guys were doing certain things and how that would affect the game later, I actually started to enjoy it.  And quite frankly, what’s not to like about Ashton Agar?

On the other hand, apparently 20/20 cricket is like a Kraft single.  Only worth eating if you roll it up with a gherkin.

So there you have it.  There may have been other cheese comparisons to the various forms of cricket that come in between 20/20 and Test matches, but I don’t really remember those, sorry.   In other sporting related confessions I may as well admit right now that I’ve also watched a few rugby league games recently.  Again, I generally have no idea what’s going on but I do like it when they get the ball and run – everyone in the pub gets really excited and it seems more interesting than when they just jump on each other.   Just to clarify, I am never going to be the girl that is totally into it and screams at the screen and jumps up and down, barely managing to keep her beer in her glass*** …. it’s just not me and no matter how many lessons I get, I highly doubt that I will ever really understand what is going on in a game of football.  But, I discovered that I don’t hate it and I don’t care what you say, I consider that to be personal growth.

*not his real name.

**I know, I was shocked too.

***alcohol abuse.

6 comments on “apparently cricket is like cheese.

  1. Howzaaaaaaat! Great post Gwen – love seeing you back blogging AND that you’re turning into a armchair sportsperson. Now if only I could teach you to say, go Raiders, Swans & Brumbies.

    • Haha Liza!! I knew you of all people would be so proud of me getting into the sports … although you can try and teach me to say that but I’m more likely to say Go the Knights!! 😊

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