in a minute #5

So.  I  have officially become the slackest blogger in the world…I realised this when someone mentioned they’d attempted to look at my blog but it didn’t seem to exist.  Turns out my domain name had expired and in my utter laziness I hadn’t gotten around to renewing it.  To that I say – so what of it? and move on.  My excuse is that I’m just too busy having a super fun life that I don’t have time to be putting my thoughts out into cyberspace so much, but that’s a bit lame isn’t it?  You would think that would just give me more fun things to write about, but sadly when the option is to go to the beach/hang out with my mates or sit in front of my laptop and write it seems like a bit of a no-brainer for me and my summer/mates loving self.  Anyway, for those of you that even remotely care (and I do realise that there probably aren’t many of you) then this is a little mini round-up of what’s up with me.

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