sunday arvo catchup

I find that my love of blogging sometimes feels slightly bittersweet. Or, like a bit of a vicious cycle – I can’t decide which.  You see, in order to have anything remotely meaningful or even halfway interesting to write about it’s usually necessary to have a bunch of stuff happening in one’s life – going places, doing things, seeing people – just generally engaging in activities that would be considered desirable blog fodder.  It would appear that my life is a bit mad and the only time that I seem to have to devote to my blog is when I’m not so much with the busy.  Of course, then I feel like I have nothing much to say because I’m not doing anything.  I was pondering this problem the other day and it got me to wondering what other bloggers do.  So many of them seem to update with delightful regularity – how do they do it?  Do they have more hours in their day than me?  Continue reading

re. blog. lovely advice: be present

Once again I find myself re-blogging, and even though it definitely feels like the lazy girl’s way to blog I had to share this profound little gem of wisdom from Jacin @ lovelylittledetails. It has reminded me that I am often the opposite of present in the moment, and even though it terrifies me to even think it – there was life before iPhone and facebook (my two most favourite time wasters).  Time to consider reverting to the days of yore every now and then and having a technology-free day methinks…

Do yourself a mini-favour and CLICK HERE to check out Jacin’s post. 



scope for the imagination

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Oh how I love the discovery of a kindred spirit*!   Especially when they present themselves in the form of a fellow blogger who writes deliciously quirky, random posts about stuff that I too love and adore.  I’ve been extra lucky in the last … Continue reading