what will be….

So, it is officially the eve of change….tomorrow night a bunch of people will decide who my new boss will be.  I’ve come to terms with this, having had plenty of time to get used to the idea and I feel like I’m fairly well equipped to cope with whatever happens.  Continue reading

shimmy shimmy cocoa pop

I would say that I probably fell just a little bit in love with Tom Hanks the first time I watched the movie Big.  This was way back in 1988, and it’s safe to say that I fell in love just a little more each time I saw it in the subsequent dozen or so viewings since then.  Continue reading

to move forward also means moving forward

I doubt that in the history of Aussie election campaigns there are two words that have been subjected to more serious over-exposure than ‘moving forward’, thanks to our current ranga* prime minister.  Continue reading

one legged risotto.

I truly love a good risotto.  In fact, I have also been known to enjoy a not-so-good risotto.  There is something so seductive about the subtle flavours and the creamy rice – I just love it!  I think there is also something appealing about a dish that doesn’t look fancy in a plate – lets face it, sometimes it can kind of look a bit like vomit – but it’s really hard to get it just right, there’s some serious skill involved in a perfect risotto. Continue reading


I think that probably millions of pop psychology books have been written about how you attract what you fear the most and how you should only think positive thoughts in order to bring good things from the universe into your life.  I’ve never actually read ‘The Secret’ but based on random conversations with people who have, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s about. Continue reading