music to cook by

Sometimes I wonder to myself if I enjoy the experience of an afternoon in the kitchen creating culinary magic more than the actual eating of said delights.  This could have more  to do with what I’m cooking than anything else.  Mid-week I’ll throw together pretty much any old thing because quite frankly I can’t be bothered to start cooking anything remotely involved or gourmet as it runs a fairly high risk of  being left to burn if Neighbours suddenly gets really interesting*.  Continue reading

why the face?

So tonight Lozza and Dan dropped by to get some washing – apparently Dan had no pants left at all – and I forced them to stay and have dinner with me.  It was just a bit of bolognese business, minus the cheese so pretty boring but it was so much nicer than eating on my own so I don’t feel bad about forcing them at all.  Plus, I bribed them with wine, so it was win/win really.  Continue reading