why the face?

So tonight Lozza and Dan dropped by to get some washing – apparently Dan had no pants left at all – and I forced them to stay and have dinner with me.  It was just a bit of bolognese business, minus the cheese so pretty boring but it was so much nicer than eating on my own so I don’t feel bad about forcing them at all.  Plus, I bribed them with wine, so it was win/win really.  Continue reading

red red wine

I feel that perhaps I have an unhealthy passion for the fruit of the vine. There is something so seductive in the simplicity of a glass of red and a bowl of pasta – I often think that I should have been born in Italy. Coming into the cooler months of the year is when I revel in the luscious reds – a big bold shiraz, or a smooth blend of cabernet and merlot. Don’t get me wrong, I adore whites as well, but something about the ruby red of a perfect sangiovese just gets my blood swirling around and telling my brain ‘more, more’. I’ve tried so hard to build a wine cellar and actually save some of my special bottles, alas – to no avail.