in a minute #4

So.  Welcome to my life in a minute #4 – as previously mentioned an idea shamelessly stolen from the lovely Lizzie @ tablecloths and talking).  It’s been a while between posts for me, but I’ve been so busy that I just haven’t had a spare minute. Admittedly this post has been half-written for a couple of weeks now but that’s not really an excuse, is it?

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chicken lady.

So.  You may recall that last year we had a very clucky chicken and for some unknown reason I decided that it would be fun to get some fertilised eggs for her to sit on and grow some baby chicks.   Little Rhianna turned out to be a very diligent mother and she sat on those eggs for the next few weeks like it was her sole mission in life.  Continue reading


Don’t you just love it when something completely unexpected and lovely happens to you and it just makes your week?  Last night I was making a quick stop into my boyfriend Dan Murphy’s place on my way home when totally out of the blue I ran into an old, old friend (not literally) Continue reading

rihanna’s going to be a mother.

So it turns out that we have a clucky chicken.  Already.  Who even knew that chooks go from barely being able to lay an egg to thinking that they’re ready to be a parent so quickly?  Anyway, I’d noticed lately that Rihanna had set up permanent camp in the nesting boxes and was not at all keen on hanging out with the other girls, so something was definitely amiss.  Continue reading


the first eggs!

So this morning when I went to feed the chickens before I went to work, I was greeted by the amazing sight of not just one, but four dear little eggs waiting to be collected from the nesting box!  I can’t even believe it….Katy Perry, Mrs Ethel Brown, Pearl and Rihanna must be so happy in their new home that they’ve rewarded me with breakfast….

such happy chickens….an update