freak. out.

So, the other night started off  pretty  normal as far as Thursdays go.  I finished work, dropped in to Lozza’s place and we went for a wander around Spotlight to get some stuff to cover the headboard of her spare bed.  We certainly did not buy any unnecessary items, like a stencil thing that writes a message into your toast.  Continue reading

timing is everything.

So, I’ve managed to force myself to stop playing Settlers of  Catan to watch Rules of Engagement, which is easily one of my favourite comedies on tv – for a couple of reasons:  my feelings about the hotness level of Jeff are already well documented, and the dynamic between the 2 couples and their mate Russell, an immature pathetic little troll, is hilarious, I just love it.  Continue reading

to move forward also means moving forward

I doubt that in the history of Aussie election campaigns there are two words that have been subjected to more serious over-exposure than ‘moving forward’, thanks to our current ranga* prime minister.  Continue reading

now is the winter of our disappointment*

Disappointment is an interesting and multi-faceted emotion.  What happens to us when we’re faced with it can vary – depending on the person, the situation, the day of the week, caffeine and/or alcohol level in the bloodstream – in a most alarming manner.   Continue reading