travelling adventures …. part one

Alrighty then.  As I started to write this post I realised that condensing 6 weeks of awesomeness and approx. 1700 photos into one blog post was slightly ambitious – I had way too much fun everywhere I went to possibly be able to pick out the highlights.  But, I realise that looking at other people’s holiday snaps is probably one of the most boring things in the world, so I’ve tried to be pretty ruthless in my photo culling – although about halfway through I got tired so if this is ever going to be posted I think it will have to be done in two parts.  I also realised as I was going through my photos that I basically ate my way across Canada, so many photos seem to be of whatever I was eating.  I should care, but I just don’t.

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i’m back.

So.  I can’t quite even believe that my big travelling adventure of 2012 is over and came to a rather abrupt end when I landed back in a very chilly Sydney last week.   And as my tan is gradually fading and  I’m suddenly plunged into deep winter mode – wearing tights and scarves and baking bread and cooking soup – all those gorgeously long summer nights spent on various patios across Canada with lovely friends are fast becoming a distant memory.  Sigh. Continue reading

katie noonan @ the depot on beaumont street

Right.  Let’s not talk about how I’m so excited for my trip* that I’m only managing to stop myself from spontaneous combustion into flames of excitement by using my highly developed powers of Jedi mind control.  Or about how today is my last day of work for 6 weeks.  Yes, 6 weeks.  In itself this a wildly novel concept and worthy of a mini dance of joy.  Instead, let’s have a discussion about what happened last night. Continue reading

oh canada.

Well.  It’s hard to believe that after more than a year of planning and penny-pinching my trip to Canadia is literally around the corner!  I almost can’t quite get my head around it.  At the moment I’m in that state of frantically trying to get everything done before I leave – I feel like I’m surrounded by lists, there are post-it notes all over my house and I’m hardly sleeping because I just can’t seem to turn my brain off.  And, the excitement of travelling and seeing all my Canadian friends again is building with every passing day so I’m practically beside myself with it. Continue reading

in a minute #3

So.  Welcome to my life in a minute #3 – an idea that I shamelessly stole from Lizzie @ tablecloths and talking).  I’m going to try and do one of these each month, but whether or not I actually manage to do that remains to be seen…

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